COXALL, John, Private, 27426, 16th Battalion.
COXON, Charles Sedgwick, Private, 52898, 10th Battalion.
COXON, William Harold, Private, 93828, 6th Battalion.
COXON, William Hugh, Second Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion.
COY, George Islip, Private, 2664, 1/8th Battalion.
COY, George William, Private, Military Medal, 53405, 3rd Battalion.
COY, John William Reasby, Private, 24987, 17th Battalion.
COYLE, A, Private, 106725, 7th Battalion.
CRADDOCK, Jonas, Private, 29218,
CRADDOCK, William Raymond, Private, 57423, “D” Coy. 16th Battalion.”
CRAGG, John Thomas, Private, 49386, 1st Battalion.
CRAIG, Alexander Leonard, Private, 14418, 10th Battalion.
CRAIG, Joseph, Private, 97343, 2/5th Battalion.
CRAM, C, Private, 23794, 15th Battalion.
CRAMPTON, Charles, Private, 3000, 1/8th Battalion.
CRANE, George, Corporal, 23859, 1st Battalion.
CRANE, William Edgar, Lance Corporal, 203040, “B” Coy. 11th Battalion.”
CRANFIELD, Walter, Private, 22402, 2nd Battalion.
CRANMER, E R, Private, 306870, 2/8th Battalion.
CRANWELL, Newman Carr, Private, 70963, 4th Battalion.
CRAPPER, Walter, Private, 93798, 6th Battalion.
CRAWFORD, D, Private, 76124, 17th Battalion.
CRAWFORD, John Russell, Second Lieutenant, 13th Battalion. attached 9th Battalion.
CRAWFORD, T B, Private, 70871, 9th Battalion.
CRAWLEY, Albert Edward, Private, 71084, 17th Battalion.
CRAWLEY, Charles William, Sergeant, Distinguished Conduct Medal, 208, 1/7th Battalion.
CRAWLEY, John George, Private, 102533, 2/5th Battalion.
CRAY, Albert Riley, Private, 72293, 10th Battalion.
CREAMER, James William, Lance Corporal, 306440, 1st/3th Battalion.
CREARY, William, Private, 27379, 17th Battalion.
CREASE, Thomas Mcbeath, Private, 10071, 1st Battalion.
CREE, Charles Edward Victor, Lieutenant, 6th Battalion.
CREE, J T, Private, 49387, 1st Battalion.
CREIGHTON, P, Private, 235065, 19th Battalion.
CREIGHTON, Sydney Raymond, Private, 103324, 15th Battalion.
CRELLIN, William Anderson Watson, Lieutenant Colonel, Distinguished Service Order and Bar, 15th Battalion.
CRESSWELL, Albert Edward, Private, 27040, “C” Coy. 9th Battalion.
CRESSWELL, Arthur, Private, 2389, 5th Battalion.
CRESSWELL, David, Private, 22099, 17th Battalion.
CRESSWELL, Edward, Private, 5282, 1/7th Battalion.
CRESSWELL, Herbert, Private, 28009, 2/5th Battalion.
CRESSWELL, Joseph, Private, 2325, Depot
CRESSWELL, Leonard, Lance Corporal, 26629, 19th Battalion.
CRESSWELL, Samuel, Private, 201357, 1/5th Battalion.
CRESSWICK, T E, Private, 14353, 10th Battalion.
CRICH, H, Private, 18500, 3rd Battalion.
CRICK, John, Private, 96001, 10th Battalion.
CRICK, Robert, Private, 268809, 2/7th Battalion.
CRINAGE, Edgar Herbert, Private, 25956, 17th Battalion.
CRINAGE, J, Private, 3402, 2nd Battalion.
CRIPPS, Charles Henry, Private, 307257, 2/8th Battalion.
CRIPWELL, William, Private, 71304, 15th Battalion.
CRITCHLOW, Henry, Private, 21110, 4th Battalion.
CROCKETT, Joseph, Private, 20317, 1st Garrison Battalion.
CROCKFORD, Frederick Charles, Private, 103360, 10th Battalion.
CROCKFORD, George, Lance Corporal, 11561, 1st Battalion.
CROFT, Albert Bertie, Corporal, 109177, 15th Battalion.
CROFT, Charles Thomas, Private, 41472, 17th Battalion.
CROFT, Frederick, Private, 29346, 17th Battalion.
CROFTS, Frederick Charles, Lance Sergeant, 14564, 10th Battalion.
CROFTS, Henry, Sergeant, 24505, 15th Battalion.
CROFTS, John Henry, Private, 203670, 1/5th Battalion.
CROGGON, Josiah Fenwick Sibree, Captain, 14th Battalion. attached 10th Battalion.
CROMPTON, John Henry (A), Private, 3768, 6th Battalion.
CRONIN, Richard, Private, 71852, 11th Battalion.
CROOKES, W, Private, 93587, 1st Battalion.
CROOKS, Clarence Reginald, Private, 27764, “C” Coy. 7th Battalion.”
CROOKS, E, Private, 19796, 1st Battalion.
CROOKS, Frank, Private, 22223, 2/7th Battalion.
CROOM, H, Private, 13882, 1st Battalion.
CROPPER, George, Private, 18490, 1st Battalion.
CROSBY, Alfred Trevor, Private, 17657, 1st Battalion.
CROSBY, F H, Private, 268527, 1st Battalion.
CROSHER, William Joseph, Lance Corporal, 71653, 2nd Battalion.
CROSS, Albert Strange, Private, 56454, 10th Battalion.
CROSS, Ernest, Private, 306071, 1/8th Battalion.
CROSS, Henry Beeson, Lance Corporal, 265313, 1/7th Battalion.
CROSS, John, Private, 26697, 16th Battalion.
CROSS, Reginald Arthur, Private, 103282, 15th Battalion.
CROSS, S, Lance Corporal, 203386, 2nd Battalion.
CROSS, W G, Private, 307215, 2/5th Battalion.
CROSS, William Edward, Private, 54501, 10th Battalion.
CROSSDALE, Arthur, Lance Corporal, 18959, 10th Battalion.
CROSSLAND, H, Private, 70128, 16th Battalion.
CROSSLAND, William, Private, 19724, 10th Battalion.
CROSSLAND, William, Private, 18045, 2/6th Battalion.
CROSSLEY, Fred, Private, 82104, 9th Battalion.
CROUCH, Fred, Private, 14078, 2nd Battalion.
CROUCHER, Cecil, Second Lieutenant, 6th Battalion.
CROUCHER, George, Private, 23083, 9th Battalion.
CROW, Francis Edwin, Private, 102301, 15th Battalion.
CROWDER, Charles William, Sergeant, 10876, 2nd Battalion.
CROWDER, E, Private, 1913, 2nd Battalion.
CROWDER, John Henry, Private, 1652, 6th Battalion.
CROWDER, Louis, Lance Corporal, 25801, 16th Battalion.
CROWDER, William, Private, 71790, 11th Battalion.
CROWE, Charles, Private, 268762, 2nd Battalion.
CROWE, John, Private, 20919, 2nd Battalion.
CROWLE, Horace, Private, 103065, 2/6th Battalion.
CROWSON, Jabez William, Private, 26466, 16th Battalion.
CROWSON, Walter, Lance Corporal, 10449, 1st Battalion.