PACEY, A, Private, 201210, 1/5th Battalion.
PACEY, Frank, Private, 28151, 17th Battalion.
PACEY, T H, Private, 31689, 16th Battalion.
PACKARD, John, Private, 202376, 2/5th Battalion.
PACKARD, Joseph, Private, 13475, 2nd Battalion.
PACKER, William, Company Quartermaster Sergeant, 7443, 12th Battalion.
PACKWOOD, Thomas William, Private, 36412, 15th Battalion.
PADDOCK, H L, Major,
PADGETT, Arthur, Lance Corporal, 73155, 11th Battalion.
PADGETT, Arthur, Private, 102132, 2nd Battalion.
PADGETT, George, Private, 18774, 9th Battalion.
PAGE, Alfred, Private, 267321, 10th Battalion.
PAGE, Arthur, Private, 242307, 2/6th Battalion.
PAGE, Charles, Private, 268632, 2/6th Battalion.
PAGE, Edward, Private, TR6/53329, 53rd Battalion.
PAGE, George Arthur, Private, 241479, 1/6th Battalion.
PAGE, George Herbert, Private, 268747, 2/7th Battalion.
PAGE, Henry, Private, 29522, 1st Garrison Battalion.
PAGE, J, Private, 8667, 1st Battalion.
PAGE, Frederick James, Private, 72987, 15th Battalion.
PAGE, John, Private, 21205, 9th Battalion.
PAGE, Joseph Tufrell, Private, 267715, 2/7th Battalion.
PAGE, Lewis Walter James, Corporal, 71610, 2nd Battalion.
PAGE, Reginald, Private, 13610, “A” Coy. 9th Battalion.
PAGE, Richard John, Sergeant, Military Medal and Bar, 27395, 16th Battalion.
PAGE, W H, Lance Corporal, 36024, 2nd Battalion.
PAGETT, Herbert, Private, 71389, 2/8th Battalion.
PAICE, John William, Private, 1434, 7th Battalion.
PAINE, Harry Auther, Second Lieutenant, 6th Battalion.
PAINTER, Horace, Private, 11270, 9th Battalion.
PALEY, M, Private, 109059, 1st Battalion.
PALFREE, John William Bateman, Second Lieutenant, 16th Battalion.
PALFREYMAN, Ernest, Private, 241260, 6th Battalion.
PALFREYMAN, J, Private, 79106, 2/8th Battalion.
PALFREYMAN, James, Private, 16636, 10th Battalion.
PALING, Albert Ernest, Corporal, 2872, 1/8th Battalion.
PALING, Frank, Private, 2344, 1/8th Battalion.
PALING, George, Private, 4703, 1/5th Battalion.
PALLETT, Sydney George, Private, 70154, 16th Battalion.
PALMER, A, Sergeant, 71072, 17th Battalion.
PALMER, A, Private, 23199, 10th Battalion.
PALMER, Albert Leslie, Second Lieutenant, , 5th Battalion.
PALMER, Basil Victor, Private, 71402, 15th Battalion.
PALMER, Edward, Private, 23123, 2/6th Battalion.
PALMER, G, Private, 19272, 1st Battalion.
PALMER, George William, Private, 8647, 2nd Battalion.
PALMER, Gordon, Private, 14573, 11th Battalion.
PALMER, H, Private, 9696, 2nd Battalion.
PALMER, Jack, Private, 31480, 17th Battalion.
PALMER, William James, Private, 71252, 1/8th Battalion.
PALMER, Roger, Second Lieutenant, , 2nd Battalion.
PALMER, Samuel James, Private, 22290, 9th Battalion.
PALMER, Thomas, Private, 51352, 16th Battalion.
PALMER, W, Private, 43424, 16th Battalion.
PALMER, Walter Edward, Private, 200574, 2/5th Battalion.
PANKHURST, Nathaniel John, Private, 103251, 14th Battalion.
PANKS, E B, Private, 70074, 16th Battalion.
PANNELL, J, Corporal, 10014, 2nd Battalion.
PAPE, Samuel, Private, 3531, 1/5th Battalion.
PAPE, W, Private, 27803, 17th Battalion.
PARBUTT, J, Private, 25599, 16th Battalion.
PARCELL, R, Private, 70151, 1/5th Battalion.
PARDINGTON, A, Private, 106859, 15th Battalion.
PARFITT, Christopher William, Private, 4611, 17th Battalion.
PARISH, R, Private, 70936, 9th Battalion.
PARISH, Stephen, Private, 121238, 5th Battalion.
PARK, Charles Henry, Lance Corporal, 27033, “B” Coy. 3rd Battalion.
PARKER, Albert, Private, 102894, 7th Battalion.
PARKER, Albert Francis, Private, 5132, 6th Battalion.
PARKER, Albert Leslie, Private, 21903, 10th Battalion.
PARKER, Albert William, Lance Corporal, 3222,
PARKER, Amos, Private, 88949, 10th Battalion.
PARKER, Anthony Robert, Private, 3872, 5th Battalion.
PARKER, Cecil Charles, Private, Military Medal, 76423, “A” Coy. 1/5th Battalion.
PARKER, E, Private, 81364, 1/5th Battalion.
PARKER, Edgar, Lance Corporal, 25618, 10th Battalion.
PARKER, Edwin, Private, 36225, 12th Battalion.
PARKER, Ernest, Corporal, 1031, 1/8th Battalion.
PARKER, Fred, Corporal, 24231, 15th Battalion.
PARKER, Fred, Private, 305116, 10th Battalion.
PARKER, Frederick, Private, 2448, 1/8th Battalion.
PARKER, George, Private, 13385, 10th Battalion.
PARKER, George Elias, Private, 23987, 9th Battalion.
PARKER, Harry, Lance Corporal, 14878, “A” Coy. 10th Battalion.
PARKER, Harry, Private, 11335, “A” Coy.1st Battalion.
PARKER, Harry, Private, 43579, 15th Battalion.
PARKER, Henry, Private, 20210, 3rd Battalion.
PARKER, J, Private, 102281, 2/6th Battalion.
PARKER, John, Private, 266012, 15th Battalion. formerly 2/7th Battalion.
PARKER, John William, Private, 4665, 1/7th Battalion.
PARKER, Sam, Private, 13624, 1st Battalion.
PARKER, W, Private, 330236, 21st Battalion.
PARKER, W H, Private, 53958, “C” Coy. 1/5th Battalion.
PARKER, William Edward, Private, 25926, 16th Battalion.
PARKER, William Frederick, Private, 32783, 16th Battalion.