VACEY, R, Lance Corporal, 305887, 1st/8th Battalion.
VACHER, Malcolm Edward James, Drummer, 105634, 3rd Battalion.
VALE, Alfred John, Private, 103434, 10th Battalion.
VALENTINE, David, Private, 76327, “B” Coy. 11th Battalion.
VAN, Henry, Private, 102182, 2nd Battalion.
VANES, J, Lance Sergeant, Military Medal, 240526, “B” Coy. 1/6th Battalion.
VANES, R, Private, 240646, 1/6th Battalion.
VANN, Bernard William, Lieutenant Colonel, Victoria Cross,  Military Cross and Bar, 8th Battalion. attached 1/6th Battalion.
VARDY, Charles, Private, 20585, 12th Battalion.
VARDY, Frederick, Private, 19153, 11th Battalion.
VARDY, J, Private, 19569, 15th Battalion.
VARDY, Joseph, Private, 18343, 2/5th Battalion.
VARDY, M H, Private, 29777, 15th Battalion.
VARDY, Samuel, Private, 13436, 1st Battalion.
VARDY, William, Private, 16028, 11th Battalion.
VARLEY, Arthur Leonard, Private, 306849, 8th Battalion.
VARLEY, Frederick Harold, Sergeant, 14647, 10th Battalion.
VARLEY, Herbert, Private, 103217, 2/6th Battalion.
VARLEY, Isaiah, Private, 21737, 10th Battalion.
VARNEY, Arthur, Sergeant, Military Medal, 32110, 11th Battalion.
VARNEY, G T, Lance Corporal, 10323, 1st Battalion.
VAUGHAN, Joseph Thomas, Private, 9226, 2nd Battalion.
VAUGHAN, T P, Private, 300016, 1/6th Battalion.
VAUGHAN, William Arthur, Private, 21208, 1st Battalion.
VAUGHAN, William James, Private, 11360, 1st Battalion.
VEAL, Percival, Lance Corporal, 60054, 10th Battalion.
VEAR, Edward, Private, 43572, 1st Battalion.
VELLAM, F, Private, 43708, 15th Battalion.
VENABLES, E, Private, 93719, 9th Battalion.
VENNER, George Eric, Major, 1st Battalion. attd. 3rd Battalion.
VENTON, G, Private, 8846, 2nd Battalion.
VERES, L, Private, 71065, 9th Battalion.
VERNON, G, Lance Corporal, 1841, 1/5th Battalion.
VERNON, H A, Lance Corporal, 26451, 15th Battalion.
VERO, T, Private, 4105, 6th Battalion.
VERRIER, P C, Sergeant, 6396, 10th Battalion.
VERTIGAN, B T, Private, 71282, 15th Battalion.
VERTIGAN, Frederick, Lance Corporal, 15753, 2nd Battalion. attached. 71st Trench Mortar Battery
VICK, Bernard C., Lance Corporal, 2465, 1/8th Battalion.
VICK, Frank, Private, 13109, 9th Battalion.
VICKERS, Albert Harold, Private, 82314, 2/5th Battalion.
VICKERS, Alfred, Private, 266445, 2/7th Battalion.
VICKERS, Frederick, Major, 15th Battalion.
VICKERS, G, Corporal, 306255, 2/8th Battalion.
VICKERS, G, Private, 70495, 16th Battalion.
VICKERS, George Hartley, Lance Corporal, 18370, 9th Battalion.
VICKERS, John Percy, Private, 331051, 15th Battalion.
VICKERS, Samuel, Private, 116094, 10th Battalion.
VICKERS, Samuel, Private, 43584, 16th Battalion.
VICKERS, T, Private, 100094, 1st Battalion.
VICKERS, Thomas Arthur, Private, 305040, Depot
VICKERS, W, Lance Corporal, 3811, 2nd Battalion.
VICKERS, W H, Private, 20220, 9th Battalion.
VICKERSTAFF, S, Private, 30469, 17th Battalion.
VINCENT, David, Private, 5014, 17th Battalion.
VINCENT, H R, Private, 306929, 2nd Battalion.
VINCENT, John Thomas, Private, 72905, 2nd Battalion.
VINCENT-JACKSON, Montague John, Lieutenant, , 11th Battalion.
VINE, Christian Courtenay, Second Lieutenant, , 19th Battalion.
VINE, G H F, Sergeant, 9234, 2nd Battalion.
VINER, Alan Bertrand, Second Lieutenant, , 8th Battalion.
VINEY, Charles Alfred, Private, 73605, 15th Battalion.
VIVEASH, W G, Private, 269842, 1/7th Battalion.
VOCE, C W, Corporal, 235055, 1st Battalion.
VOCE, John William, Private, 266879, 2/8th Battalion.
VOCE, T, Private, 4904, 1st Battalion.
VOWLER, Darrell Francis Stephen, Major, 3rd Battalion.