ROBERTS, A S, Private, 86492, 1/8th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Albert, Private, 3561, 1/6th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Albert Henry, Private, 73359, 10th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Charles, Private, 3159, 1/6th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Edward, Private, 74182, 10th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Edward, Lance Corporal, 72582, 10th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Ernest, Lance Corporal, 266526, 2/7th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Evan William, Private, 74166, 10th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Frank, Private, 70052, 1st Battalion.
ROBERTS, G W, Private, 108427, 11th Battalion.
ROBERTS, George Robert, Private, 4011, 1/5th Battalion.
ROBERTS, J, Private, 74180, 10th Battalion.
ROBERTS, John Robert, Private, 29258, 1st (Garr.) Battalion.
ROBERTS, John Edward, Private, 19583, 10th Battalion.
ROBERTS, John Henry, Private, 1890, 6th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Norman, Private, 108874, 1st Battalion.
ROBERTS, Owen, Private, 74165, 10th Battalion.
ROBERTS, Philip Isaac, Lance Corporal, 25139, 15th Battalion.
ROBERTS, T D, Sergeant, 104114, 2nd Battalion.
ROBERTS, Tom, Private, 60980, 17th Battalion.
ROBERTS, W E, Private, 23585, 15th Battalion.
ROBERTS, W J, Private, 97927, 2nd Battalion.
ROBERTS, Walter, Private, 306819, 2/8th Battalion.
ROBERTS, William, Lance Corporal, 72741, 2nd Battalion.
ROBERTS, William, Sergeant, 13566, 1st Battalion.
ROBERTS, Zachariah Male, Private, 17760, 12th Battalion.
ROBERTSON, A, Private, 325007, 1/8th BattalioROBINSONn.
ROBERTSON, F, Private, 325008, 1/8th Battalion.
ROBERTSON, George, Private, 13565, 9th Battalion.
ROBERTSON, John, Private, 102357, 2nd Battalion.
ROBERTSON, Samuel R., Private, 15376, 12th Battalion.
ROBEY, James, Private, 11580, 1st Battalion.
ROBEY, John Henry, Private, 203829, 2/8th Battalion.
ROBEY, W, Private, 11508, 1st Battalion.
ROBINSON, A, Private, 307391, 2/8th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Albert Edward, Private, 72263, 10th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Arthur Owen, Second Lieutenant, attd. 2/8th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Cyril Conyers, Private, 95519, 1st Battalion.
ROBINSON, E, Private, 22635, 9th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Edwin Alfred, Lance Corporal, 269724, 2/6th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Ernest, Private, 1641, 1/8th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Frank Dalton, Private, 12327, 1st Battalion.
ROBINSON, F E, Private, 17499, 2nd Battalion.
ROBINSON, F W, Private, 21286, 10th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Frank, Private, 70037, 9th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Frank, Private, 13268, 9th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Frank Bradbury, Captain, , 6th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Fred, Private, 26774, 17th Battalion. attd. 9th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Frederick, Private, 94380, 12th Battalion.
ROBINSON, George, Private, 26859, 16th Battalion.
ROBINSON, George, Private, 25189, 15th Battalion.
ROBINSON, George, Private, 4307, 3rd/8th Battalion.
ROBINSON, George Arthur, Private, 70034, 16th Battalion.
ROBINSON, George Frederick, Private, 74230, 10th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Harold, Private, 28598, 11th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Herbert, Private, 53398, 16th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Herbert Healey, Private, 9571,
ROBINSON, John, Private, Military Medal and Bar, 20483, 8th Battalion.
ROBINSON, J H, Private, 70365, 17th Battalion.
ROBINSON, J M, Private, 5847, 5th Battalion.
ROBINSON, James Henry, Private, 48267, 20th Labour Battalion.
ROBINSON, John George, Corporal, 265378, 1/7th Battalion.
ROBINSON, John William, Lance Corporal, Military Medal, 27659,
ROBINSON, Joseph, Private, 24893, 15th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Lewis, Private, 201452, 1/5th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Miles Ray, Private, 203666, 2nd Bn
ROBINSON, R, Private, 91432, 2nd Battalion.
ROBINSON, Richard, Private, 74226, 1/5th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Samuel James, Private, 17039, 2/6th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Sydney, Private, 241926, 2/6th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Stanley R., Private, 27507, 16th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Sydney, Private, 102138, 2nd Battalion.
ROBINSON, T, Private, 6835, 2nd Battalion.
ROBINSON, Thomas, Private, 19106, 15th Battalion.
ROBINSON, W, Lance Corporal, 306547, 2/8th Battalion.
ROBINSON, W, Private, 25126, “Y” Coy. 15th Battalion.
ROBINSON, W, Lance Corporal, 14232, 9th Battalion.
ROBINSON, W C, Private, 48707, 20th Labour Battalion.
ROBINSON, W H, Private, 35965, 1st Battalion.
ROBINSON, Walter, Lance Corporal, 70032, 17th Battalion.
ROBINSON, William, Private, 70715, 1st Battalion.
ROBINSON, William, Private, 2491, 1/8th Battalion.
ROBINSON, William Amos, Corporal, 201095, 2/5th Battalion.
ROBINSON, William Henry, Private, 203144, 16th Battalion.
ROBINSON, Willis Albert, Private, 20283, 2nd Battalion.
ROBOTTOM, Reginald Victor, Lance Corporal, 31856, 1st Battalion.
ROCKLEY, G H, Private, 9650, 2nd Battalion.
ROCKLEY, George, Private, 57678, 11th Battalion.
RODDIE, James, Private, 17645, 10th Battalion.
RODDIS, Frank, Sergeant, 201004, 2/5th Battalion.
RODDIS, Joseph Edward, Lance Corporal, 25962, 16th Battalion.
RODDY, R E, Private, 9441, 1st Battalion.
RODEN, George, Lance Corporal, 241897, 2/6th Battalion.
RODGERS, H, Private, 16815, 12th Battalion.
RODGERS, H, Lance Corporal, 24414, 9th Battalion.
RODGERS, Harold, Private, 3814, 2/8th Battalion.
RODGERS, Herbert, Private, 25556, 1st Battalion.
RODGERS, J H, Private, 203307, 1/5th Battalion.
RODGERS, William, Private, 3525, 2nd Battalion.
RODWELL, Henry William, Private, 73357, 10th Battalion.
RODWELL, Walter, Private, 72467, 16th Battalion.